GPCC honesty Library

24th April 2023
GPCC honesty Library

Welcome to The Great Park Blog! Today, we're focusing on an interesting feature of our community: The GPCCHonesty Library. This unique library operates on a simple principle – take a book, give one back – promoting the love of reading and the spirit of sharing in our community.

Located within the Great Park Community Centre, the Library is a place where residents can access a wide variety of books for free. The library operates on trust, with no formal check-out system, allowing for a convenient and relaxed reading experience.

Children's Books: The Heart of Our Collection
While we appreciate book donations of all kinds (when we have the space!), we're especially interested in receiving children's books. These tend to be well-loved and heavily used, making it essential to replenish the collection regularly. By donating children's books, you'll contribute to the education and imagination of our community's younger members.

Get Involved: Donate, Read, Share
The Honesty Library is a testament to the spirit of sharing and cooperation within the Great Park community. We invite you to visit the library, browse the collection, and take home a book that captures your interest. When you're finished, simply return the book and, if possible, donate another one to keep the cycle going.

We also encourage you to share this unique resource with friends, family, and neighbours. The more people who know about and contribute to the Honesty Library, the richer and more diverse our collection will become.

Thank you for joining us on The Great Park Blog. Stay tuned for more updates and stories from our centre and its community!

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Welcome to The Great Park Blog

21st April 2023
Welcome to The Great Park Blog

Hello and welcome to The Great Park Blog! We're excited to share this space with you as we celebrate the incredible community of Great Park. Whether you're a new visitor or a long-time resident, this blog is your go-to source for all the latest news, events, and stories from the Great Park Community Centre, local businesses, and charities.

Discover Our Community:
Our blog will feature a diverse range of content that showcases the uniqueness of the Great Park community. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

Community Centre News: Stay updated on all the happenings at the Great Park Community Centre, from new programs and events to facility updates and staff highlights. We'll keep you informed about how our center continues to foster connections and create a positive impact on the community.

Local Business Spotlight: Great Park is home to many fantastic local businesses, and we're excited to share their stories. Learn more about the entrepreneurs behind these businesses and discover how their passion and dedication contribute to the vibrancy of our community.

Charity Features: We'll highlight the amazing work of local charities and non-profit organisations that tirelessly strive to make Great Park an even better place to live. Explore their inspiring stories and find out how you can get involved and support their efforts.

Community Stories: The people of Great Park are what make our community truly special. We'll share heartwarming stories and personal experiences of local residents, showcasing the diverse backgrounds, talents, and passions that enrich our community.

Events and Activities: Never miss out on upcoming events and activities in the area. We'll provide you with all the details you need to stay informed and get involved in the fun and excitement that Great Park has to offer.

Join the Conversation:
We believe that a strong community thrives on open communication and active participation. If you would like to feature please get in touch!

We're thrilled to welcome you to The Great Park Blog and can't wait to share our vibrant community's stories, news, and events with you. Together, let's celebrate what makes our community truly great!

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